Hubby’s breakfast #027 & #028: Yong’s Teochew Kueh 榮潮州粿

teochew kueh

Many of you have been asking, “Have you stopped feeding your hubby breakfast?” Of course not. First of all, dear monster-in-law mother-in-law would have killed me! Secondly… Hmm ok, there’s no secondly, heh! It’s just that I got lazy. So breakfast was mostly DIY sliced bread with peanut butter/jam/butter/Nutella. Nothing exciting to share. But here’s… 

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Hubby’s breakfast #020: Teochew kueh from Kuehs And Snacks 老婶阿嬷潮州粿

I was drawn to this shop ‘cos of its quaint Chinese name. In Teochew, 老婶 [lau sim] is “grandaunt” and 阿嬷 [ah ma] is “grandma”. Sadly, the Teochew kueh here tasted far from what my two beloved grandmas used to make (I’m a pure Teochew!). I was hoping for the traditional, opaque-white type of dough… 

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Hubby’s breakfast #003: Teochew kueh

Was at Bedok yesterday, so I bought these Teochew kueh from Fatt Soon Kueh for brekkie today. The filling was tasty and generous in amount. The soon kueh had thickly-cut strips of yam bean/jicama, carrot, and black fungus. Only thing I didn’t quite like was the dough skin. I prefer the more traditional type, which… 

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