Rite Pizza

Not too thick, not too thin crust.

Whipping up dinner for my dear friends – Camemberu, Derrick, Hungry Cow, Keropokman and Momo – was something I truly enjoyed (and something I’d gladly do again), but the next day, I was totally pooped. Hey, what a great excuse to hang up the apron and call for pizza! Actually, I’d also been wanting to… 

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Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza


Gosh, it’s been a year since we last ordered in pizza! Firstly, we’re not big fans of pizza. Secondly, delivery pizza in Singapore isn’t that fantastic. It’s relatively expensive too, especially when I can have a $3.00 take-out meal of chicken rice just a 5-minute walk away. But, there are days when one is too… 

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