Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House (ION Orchard)

BBQ meats twin combo - roast pork & char siew, S$16.00++

This was a quick dinner before catching Alice In Wonderland 3D at Lido Cineplex. Rick and I are both HUGE fans of Imperial Treasure’s roast meats, especially their roast pork. See how beautifully golden the crackling is! It’s evenly crisp and light, just sublime. The char siew is succulent, has good bite, and isn’t too… 

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Yes, I know, instant noodles has an unsavory rep for being unhealthy. I don’t eat it often myself, maybe only once a month or two, but there’s always a pack in the kitchen larder for “emergency” purpose. As with all foods, as long as we eat in moderation and have more fruit and vegetables daily,… 

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