HungryGoWhere feature: 10 Typical Hawker Breakfasts

Gee, it’s already February! Where did January go? 2013 kicked off on a bumpy beginning. It all started with Matilda catching the flu virus. Subsequently, I got infected. It was only a matter of time before Baby Meredith fell sick too. It’s really, really exhausting to take care of a toddler and 4-month-old baby when… 

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kaya toast

It seems that Singaporeans can’t get enough of kaya toast. Just look at the recent mushrooming of kopi (coffee) and kaya toast chains! For the latest Tried & Tested mission, we taste-test a mix of established kaya toast chains as well as independent shops. How do they measure up against each other? Read on to… 

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Hubby’s breakfast #019: Kaffe & Toast (SGH)

Otah bun

“What shall we have for breakfast tomorrow?” I asked Rick on Saturday evening. “Let’s go to SGH for otah buns!” was the instant and eager reply. Before you think we’re madder than the Mad Hatter to go all the way to a hospital for breakfast, allow me to clarify. Singapore General Hospital is a leisurely… 

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Penang Day 2: Hotel breakfast, Toh Soon Cafe, and tang yuen for supper.

The good: nasi lemak with chicken curry; beehoon goreng. Not so good: sausage, baked beans, hashbrown.

So I sauntered cheerily into the executive breakfast lounge, only to be stunned that Michael Jackson had suddenly died of a heart attack. I’m not a big Michael Jackson fan, but still, I admire him for his incredible talent and the musical legacy that he leaves behind. RIP, Michael Jackson. You’ll forever be the King… 

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