Keisuke Gyoza King

Ever since “ramen king” Keisuke Takeda opened his first Singapore restaurant (Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo in Parco Millenia, which has since moved to Suntec City) in 2010, his brand has rapidly expanded into a chain of various concepts. I’ve visited Tonkotsu King (Orchid Hotel) and Tori King (100AM). While I enjoyed both visits, I must… 

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Osaka Ohsho

The short story: Gyoza and fried rice — very addictive, must-try! Mabo tofu & double-cooked pork — can skip. The long story: Was running errands with the hubby in City Hall area when we needed to grab lunch. At Raffles City basement, there are couple of new openings. There was a long queue at Nam… 

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Noodle House Ken

Ventured into relatively unknown territory today – Japanese ramen. There are few shops in Singapore that specialize in ramen, and Noodle House Ken is one of them. Its appearance is small and unimpressive, but I’ve heard that this is one of the better authentic ramen shops in town.