Meredith’s 1st birthday celebration and Lee Wee & Brothers’ food delivery

Food catered from Lee Wee & Brothers.

My littlest baby Meredith turned 1 year old in October. To mark her 1st birthday, we had a small celebration at home with close family members. I didn’t have time to cook, and there were too few of us (less than 15 people) to order from buffet caterers where there’s usually a 30 pax minimum… 

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HungryGoWhere feature: 10 Typical Hawker Breakfasts

Gee, it’s already February! Where did January go? 2013 kicked off on a bumpy beginning. It all started with Matilda catching the flu virus. Subsequently, I got infected. It was only a matter of time before Baby Meredith fell sick too. It’s really, really exhausting to take care of a toddler and 4-month-old baby when… 

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Sunny Seafood White Bee Hoon

Seafood white bee hoon, S$3.50

As I browsed the stalls in Redhill Lane food centre, this one caught my attention. In the sea of usual hawker fare such as chicken rice, fried kway teow, and fried Hokkien mee, a stall that specializes in white bee hoon is an anomaly. Of course, I had to check it out. Rather similar to… 

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Hubby’s breakfast #006: Vegetarian bee hoon

Vegetarian bee hoon with assortment of toppings, S$2.80

Hubby bought breakfast this morning, from our neighborhood coffeeshop. We patronize this stall pretty often. Their food is pretty decent and reasonably priced. Our favorite item is the vegetable fritter. The other three items are French bean, sweet & spicy beancurd, and spring roll. This portion is way too heavy for one person’s breakfast, so… 

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