Tried & Tested feature: Beancurd

tried & tested beancurd

In other parts of Asia, soft beancurd is enjoyed both as a savoury or sweet dish. But in Singapore, we know it as a sweet dessert. More commonly referred to by its Hokkien name “tau huay” or “dou hua 豆花” in Mandarin, this wholesome dessert is one of our most popular local desserts. Where should we… 

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Bloggers Culinary Workshop @ Din Tai Fung (Part 2)

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there! Hope you enjoyed your special day with your family. 😀 Let’s continue with the second part of our dumpling-making workshop. After playing with dough, it was time to fill our hungry tummies. First up were appetizers. I really really really liked this cold dish that’s new on… 

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Mei Heong Yuen – Mango snow ice

After dinner at Togi, we stopped at Mei Heong Yuen for dessert before heading home. I was surprised to see that they’ve expanded their selection of snow ice. There’s more than 10 flavors now, including unusual choices like yam, soursop, black sesame, and mocha! Ricky and I shared a mango snow ice. It’s ginormous; I’d… 

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