Mont Blanc from Rive Gauche

For mom-in-law’s birthday cake, we bought her a Mont Blanc from Rive Gauche. According to Rive Gauche’s cake catalogue, their Mont Blanc is: Traditional vanilla sponge layered with smooth chestnut filling and whipped cream. Finished with chestnut cream and Japanese chestnut.

Quiche Lorraine and Mille Crepe @ Henri Charpentier

Henri Charpentier is a Japanese dessert salon that makes exquisite French-style cakes and pastries. It is tucked away in the depths of Dempsey, surrounded by a green forest. The interior is elegant and luxurious, with ceiling-to-floor glass windows looking out to lush greenery. It is truly a wonderful place to relax or have a quiet… 

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Eatzi Gourmet Bakery Mother’s Day cake 2014: Mango Chocolate Surprise

And so, the marketing rep from JP Pepperdine (which manages Jack’s Place restaurants, Restaurant Hoshigaoka, and Eatzi Gourmet) wrote me this nice email. Eatzi: Hi, Julia! We’re launching 3 cakes for Mother’s Day this year. Would you like to try our Mango Loaf Cake? Me: Oh, we’ve already tried the Mango Mousse Supreme last year,… 

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Father-in-law’s birthday cake from Bengawan Solo

Celebrated father-in-law’s birthday in advance today. We bought this coffee cream cake off-the-shelf from Bengawan Solo. Three layers of coffee sponge sandwiched together with coffee cream, garnished with walnuts, almond slices, pistachios, and chocolate curls. The cake has a pleasant coffee fragrance; the coffee cream seems to have ground coffee beans. The cake is a… 

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Happy Birthday to me!

Another year, another cake! Well, at least I didn’t have to go buy my own birthday cake like last year. Hubby surprised me with this Chocolate Hazelnut cake from Bengawan Solo. Adorned with just berries, pistachio, and gold dust, the cake looks simple but classy. Inside: Three layers of chocolate sponge, sandwiched with fresh cream… 

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PrimaDeli’s Mother’s Day cakes 2013

Our family sampled this Mother’s Day cake from PrimaDeli, and it received the thumbs up from everyone! For Mother’s Day 2013, PrimaDeli has three World’s Best Mom cakes to choose from — Mixed Fruit, Blackforest, and Yummy Yam. We tried the Mixed Fruit — canned cocktail mixed fruits sandwiched between vanilla sponge, coated with white… 

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English afternoon high tea buffet @ L’Espresso, Goodwood Park Hotel

The short story: Hearty English high tea buffet. Excellent sandwiches, scones, and Guinness beef stew. The long story: This post is way overdue, about 4 months backdated, to be exact. This was in August 2012, when I was in my last trimester, about a month before baby Meredith popped out! Gee. But I have such… 

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