UCA Cassava Chips – Original & Grill BBQ

Last week, when I went to my friendly neighborhood 7-Eleven to get some stuff, I was given this free sample pack of chips. Turns out that it’s one of my favorite munchies — tapioca chips! Locally, we refer to it as tapioca, but it’s also known as cassava.

Calbee Jagabee

Confession: I’m a snack food junkie, with a horrible weakness for anything crunchy and salty, particularly chips/crisps and crackers. One of my favorites is Jagabee Potato Sticks by Japanese snack food company Calbee. Available only in one size (40g), it comes in a handy cup. A few days ago, I came across a new Jagabee… 

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Bi bim myun (instant ramen with sweet spicy sauce)

We hardly eat instant noodles at home, keeping some packs only for emergency situations, but I must confess to having a soft spot for Korean instant ramyun. Especially popular among Korean kids is this non-soupy, dry version. It’s a cold noodle dish — instant ramyun boiled, drained, cooled, and then dressed in sweet, vinegary gochujang… 

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Kit Kat Fruit Parfait


While queueing at the supermarket check-out counter the other day, this colorful box caught my eye. Another one of those limited edition Kit Kats from Japan! I knew I had to have it.