Jasons The Gourmet Grocer @ ION Orchard


There used to be a ThreeSixty Marketplace on the 4th floor of ION Orchard, but that upmarket supermarket has been closed. In its place is Jasons The Gourmet Grocer, located in basement 4, in the far end away from the food hall. Both brands are owned by Cold Storage. I can never resist the curiosity… 

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What I really want for my birthday…


…is a cat of my own. Hubby: Happy birthday, sweetie! So, what present can I get you? Me: A pet! Hubby gives me a pat on the head. Me: No! You know what I’m talking about. P-E-T, pet! I want a pet cat! Hubby: No pets. You can have anything but a pet. Me: Sigh…. 

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Cute clip: Feeding a kitty with chopsticks!

OMG! Isn’t this Persian kitten so very cute? Kawaii ne! Lest you think the cat owner is doing this for fun, she’s actually “gluteus training” the kitten, ie. training the kitten to sit upright by balancing on the buttock muscles (the largest of which is the “gluteus maximus”). Those who say cats cannot be trained… 

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我们的星期六夜晚…… [Our Saturday evening……]


After visiting Jaime La Nourriture’s lovely blog, I’m now very inspired to blog in Chinese too! Problem is, I haven’t written in Chinese for more than 10 years. It’ll be good practice to brush up on my very rusty Chinese, heh! Ok, here goes…… 星期六了,我和老公都没特别节目。我又不想煮晚饭,于是我们便到惹兰红山中心吃晚餐和逛超市。 老公:哎,我们真uncool! 星期六晚上没去cheong,却跑来这种只有uncle/auntie来的地方! 我:有什么办法?我们以“升级”做uncle/auntie了! Translated: It’s Saturday. Hubby and I had no… 

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