Manna Pot Catering for Baby Meredith’s full month celebration

To mark Baby Meredith’s full month milestone, we had some relatives and friends over for a small celebration at home. Earlier this year, I attended a baby shower that was catered by Manna Pot Catering. Found the food quite decent, and hence decided to go with the same caterer. We ordered the S$12 per person… 

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Mid-Autumn Festival 2012: Mooncakes from Crystal Jade

Just five days to go before Mid-Autumn Festival! Have you all prepared your mooncakes for this Sunday’s (September 30) celebration? Received quite a few samples of mooncakes this year, and Crystal Jade’s selection is one of the more unique offerings. Particularly memorable are the yogurt pudding mooncakes, newly launched this year.

Mooncakes selection 2012 from Mandarin Court, Mandarin Orchard

Next to Chinese New Year, the other most important festival in the lunar calendar has got to be Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节. This year, Mid-Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival falls on Sunday, 30 September 2012 (15th day of 8th lunar month). The reason why I’m always excited about Mid-Autumn Festival is the array of wonderful mooncakes… 

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Mid-Autumn Festival 2010: Mooncakes from Concorde Hotel, Singapore

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, dear friends! Yes, today’s the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, the day when the moon is supposedly the fullest and brightest of the year. Though I’m not a big fan of mooncakes, I look forward to seeing new flavors of mooncakes every year. It’s amazing how the hotels, restaurants, and… 

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Reunion dinner at 2nd Bro's

On the 7th day of Lunar New Year, my 2nd bro hosted this year’s reunion dinner at his home. For various reasons, most of us couldn’t make it on the LNY’s eve, as is the tradition, so we decided to have the family reunion dinner on the 7th day, which is also renri 人日, the… 

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