Disney Princess cake from Bengawan Solo

Matilda has turned four! For her birthday this year, she requested a Disney Princess cake. We looked through Bengawan Solo’s Disney Print Art Characters Cake catalogue, and she picked this “Charming Princesses” design. The interior of the cake is chocolate sponge with Valrhona chocolate crunchies. It’s actually the same flavour as her first year birthday… 

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Mont Blanc from Rive Gauche

For mom-in-law’s birthday cake, we bought her a Mont Blanc from Rive Gauche. According to Rive Gauche’s cake catalogue, their Mont Blanc is: Traditional vanilla sponge layered with smooth chestnut filling and whipped cream. Finished with chestnut cream and Japanese chestnut.

Meredith’s Angry Birds birthday cake

My littlest baby Meredith turned 2 in October. We had a simple birthday celebration at home for her. Meredith loves playing Angry Birds on my iPhone, so for her birthday cake, the theme is a no-brainer. Polar Puffs & Cakes has several Angry Birds cake designs in different sizes available. For the cake above, this… 

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Happy birthday to dear hubby!

Today, we celebrated hubby’s birthday at home with KFC delivery and a birthday cake from Polar Puffs & Cakes. Today is also the eve of Chinese New Year Eve, which means my fridge is bursting at its seams with groceries for reunion dinner as well as the long break. Hence this small cake which won’t… 

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Father-in-law’s birthday cake from Bengawan Solo

Celebrated father-in-law’s birthday in advance today. We bought this coffee cream cake off-the-shelf from Bengawan Solo. Three layers of coffee sponge sandwiched together with coffee cream, garnished with walnuts, almond slices, pistachios, and chocolate curls. The cake has a pleasant coffee fragrance; the coffee cream seems to have ground coffee beans. The cake is a… 

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Crispy skin yam mooncake 脆皮芋泥月饼 from Garden Pastry & Cake

It’s raining mooncakes! Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 19 September (next Thursday) this year, which means it’s just 9 days away. My Instagram feed is flooded with images of gorgeous mooncakes of all kinds, mostly the traditional Cantonese-style baked type as well as the modern snowskin version. My mother-in-law’s favorite is the Teochew flaky skin yam… 

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