Egg tarts from Fancy Delight

Every Saturday, I’m the dutiful daughter-in-law who accompanies her mother-in-law to Tanjong Pagar market for her weekly grocery shopping. There’s a little shop near the famous muffin place that has also made a name for itself selling little egg tarts, although its queue isn’t quite as long as that of the muffin place. Don’t be… 

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The Sweet Stone Parad’Ice

Update: This stall is no longer in operation. Authentic western cuisine in hawker centres? Yes, it’s an increasing trend here in Singapore. With escalating rents, budding food entrepreneurs are finding the low rents and high human traffic of hawker centres a viable alternative to test their new start-ups. Belgian Sebastian Lhode and Singaporean James Lee… 

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Yella Fellas

This stall is no longer in operation. Yes! I finally got my hands on a cone of these fabulous fries today! It’s pathetic, but at long last, someone three guys have realized that what this island lacks is a classic takeaway snack of crispy, hot, chunky taters. For ages, to get my French fries fix,… 

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Ri Xin Snack Delights

Knowing we’d need supper, we bought these sweet potato balls after our dinner at Maxwell Food Centre. Apparently, this stall is famous for its ping-pong ball-sized sweet potato balls, though it’s my first time trying them out.

Ralli Sugar Cane Juice

At Maxwell Food Centre last night, Ricky and I feasted like kings albeit on a pauper’s wallet. We shared: one char kway teow (S$3.00), two Fuzhou oyster cakes, (large, S$2.00 each), two popiah (S$1.00 each), one fresh sugarcane juice (S$1.50), one tau huay (S$1.20), and one longan egg tau huay (S$1.80). Total damage: S$13.50. Satisfaction:… 

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Chocolat N Spice

To keep costs low, former hotel pastry chef Mary Chan opened her bakery selling upmarket cakes and muffins in the unlikeliest of places — a hawker center in the suburbs. Skeptics predicted her business wouldn’t last long. But the knowledge of outstanding food spreads far and wide. And with low rent, the economic savings were… 

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