Bornga (VivoCity)

AP and I met up over lunch at VivoCity last week. Since we’ve pretty much tried out all the F&B outlets in VivoCity, we went to one of the newer openings — Bornga. This is Bornga’s 2nd outlet in Singapore, after their first Singapore opening in Star Vista. I’ve visited the one in Star Vista… 

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NeNe Chicken

NeNe Chicken — one of the most popular lifestyle eateries in Korea — spreads its wings and lands in Singapore, opening its first international outlet in the new Star Vista mall. “Ne! Ne!” means “yes, yes!” in Korean. Founded in 1999 and with over 1,000 outlets in South Korea, NeNe Chicken is fondly known as… 

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Manna Story

Now that we have a 2-month old baby, life is VERY different. These days, destinations for our weekend family outings tend to be those that are baby-friendly (read: places that have baby changing rooms). We also tend to head for malls that can satisfy all our needs under one roof — namely dining and grocery… 

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Kim's Family Restaurant

A couple of weeks ago, I was at Upper Bukit Timah. Remembering the delicious U.D.D.E.R.S. ice cream that Keropokman and Momo bought for us from the Lorong Kilat branch, I went there to satisfy the ice cream craving. But first, dinner. What caught my eye was this homestyle Korean restaurant that was full of diners… 

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Togi Korean Restaurant

Today, I suddenly realized that it’s been AGES since we had Korean food. No, not those pseudo foodcourt sizzling meat on hotplates and pathetic kimchi, but authentic Korean food cooked by Koreans. We were in Chinatown. Since we’ve been to Jangwon, we decided to try Togi, a homestyle Korean diner just diagonally across the street.

Seoul Yummy Korean Casual Dining

Not so yummy. In short, that’s the overall impression I have of Seoul Yummy after a late lunch there on a weekday. By the way, is it just me or are you also confused by the odd layout of Square 2? An Italian-inspired version of bibim myeon (mixed cold noodles), this dish substitutes thin, silky… 

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Jang Won Korean Restaurant

Hi everyone! Sorry for the vanishing act. Soon after the previous post, I had a very painful case of tonsillitis, followed by high fever and a sore throat. For two weeks, it was a diet of plain porridge and light vegetables. Eating out was, well, out for me. Not that I would have been able… 

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