Mid-Autumn Festival 2014: Mooncakes from Jiang Nan Chun, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Jiang Nan Chun snowskin mooncakes

When it comes to mooncakes, my mom-in-law has the fussiest most discerning taste buds. So if a certain mooncake meets her approval, you can be sure it is a definite winner. Of all the mooncakes we’ve sampled so far this year, she had the highest praises for Jiang Nan Chun’s selection. For Mid-Autumn Festival 2014,… 

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Beng Hiang Restaurant

Spiced Sausage & Fried Prawn Balls 五香虾枣

Father-in-law is a faithful fan of Beng Hiang — one of the oldest Hokkien restaurants in Singapore. We’ve been visiting over the years, and it seems like the food standard has slipped with each subsequent visit. Or is it because our palates have become more refined? We ordered the S$138+ set menu (for 4 to… 

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