Dimsum lunch @ Yan Palace

Steamed "longevity peach" buns

And so we had a family lunch to celebrate father-in-law’s birthday. We had dimsum at old-school Cantonese restaurant Yan Palace. Didn’t realize that it’d already been 4 years since our last visit. Am happy to report that the quality of the dimsum is consistent with what we had previously (thumbs up for consistency!). Although prices… 

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Tai Parfait @ Bugis Junction


Japanese taiyaki + parfait (ice cream & fruit) = Tai Parfait! Opening their first outlet in Singapore, this fusion dessert shop is a Japanese concept originating from Yokohama, Japan. I read about Tai Parfait in newspapers and magazines, and was absolutely eager to check this place out for myself. Taiyaki + ice cream! Love the… 

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Mid-Autumn Festival 2014: Mooncakes from BreadTalk Singapore

BreadTalk's 2014 mooncake selection

Mid-Autumn Festival is just one week away, have you tried any mooncakes this year? Our family have already tried several different brands. When it comes to snowskin mooncakes, one of our favorites has to be BreadTalk’s snowskin selection. JOYOUS (S$52.80 for 8 mini-piece box) showcases eight mini snowskin mooncakes of 4 different flavors: Coffee Baileys;… 

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