Mont Blanc from Rive Gauche

For mom-in-law’s birthday cake, we bought her a Mont Blanc from Rive Gauche.

Mont Blanc (size 5, S$36.00)

Mont Blanc (size 5, S$36.00)

According to Rive Gauche’s cake catalogue, their Mont Blanc is: Traditional vanilla sponge layered with smooth chestnut filling and whipped cream. Finished with chestnut cream and Japanese chestnut.

Except for the chestnut filling that was just a tad sweet, this was a very pleasant cake. The sponge cake was soft and airy, while the smooth cream filling has a subtle taste of chestnut.

We bought this cake at Rive Gauche’s Plaza Singapura branch at #B2-57. Check out Rive Gauche’s website for a full outlet listing.