Keisuke Gyoza King

Ever since “ramen king” Keisuke Takeda opened his first Singapore restaurant (Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo in Parco Millenia, which has since moved to Suntec City) in 2010, his brand has rapidly expanded into a chain of various concepts. I’ve visited Tonkotsu King (Orchid Hotel) and Tori King (100AM). While I enjoyed both visits, I must admit that ramen isn’t really my cup of tea.

Therefore, I was thrilled when Keisuke opened Gyoza King. Just a few doors away from Tonkotsu King, this little joint only has counter seating overlooking the compact open kitchen.


Prawn gyoza

The menu features three kinds of gyoza: pork (flavoured with tonkotsu broth), chicken (with Tori King ramen broth), or prawn & chicken (with crab ramen broth).

You can order the gyoza ala carte, or as part of a teishoku (set meal).

I’ve been here twice in the past year. With thin skin and moist filling, the gyozas are competently made. I’ve tried both pork and prawn, and I think I prefer the prawn which seems to taste slightly sweeter and juicier.

Gyoza set S$13.90++

Gyoza rice set S$13.90++

I don’t think I’ll come back just for the gyoza. They are good, but not mind-blowing. But I’ll happily come back for the teishoku if I’m looking for a filling and delicious rice meal.

At $13.90++, the teishoku is excellent value. It includes five gyoza, two side dishes (there are eight to choose from), Koshihikari rice (same price for small, medium, large or extra large), vegetable or miso soup, and free-flow seasoned beansprouts and pickled cabbage. My favourite side dish is the chicken Nanban (crispy chicken chunks topped with chopped egg tartare sauce).

Green tea cola, S$3.00++

Green tea cola, S$3.00++

This is my first time trying Keisuke’s green tea cola. Fizzy and not too sweet, it kinda tastes like Sprite tinged with a little green tea. It’s very refreshing and good for washing down some of the grease from the fried foods.

Gyoza King
1 Tras Link #01-15 Orchid Hotel
Singapore 078867
Tel: +65 6604 6674

Daily: 11:30 to 14:30, 18:00 to 22:30