Duo Ji chee cheong fun

Duo Ji has got to be my favorite hawker-style chee cheong fun 猪肠粉, literally “pig intestine noodle”. This nondescript-looking stall in Smith Street (Chinatown) food centre is something of a institution there for chee cheong fun lovers. They open at 7am, but can sell out as early as 9.30am!

Duo Ji chee cheong fun

Duo Ji chee cheong fun

Whenever I go there for my wet market grocery shopping, I will make sure to have my breakfast at Duo Ji first. Their chee cheong fun is truly to die for! They get their supply from the factory, but Duo Ji’s pre-made chee cheong fun is superior to many other places that also sell factory-made chee cheong fun. Maybe the folks at Duo Ji provide their own recipe, or they have a secret special source that they refuse to tell me. All they can tell me is that their chee cheong fun arrives freshly made every morning, and they get just enough stock to sell out for the day. The elderly lady at Duo Ji told me, “I don’t want to sell leftover chee cheong fun the next day, that’s why I don’t take too much stock from the factory.”

Steamed yam cake

Chee cheong fun + yam cake combo, S$2.00

Thin, slippery smooth, and slightly resilient, the texture of the chee cheong fun is simply divine. The lady snips the rice rolls into thin pieces at a diagonal angle, then douses the chee cheong fun with a unique concoction of fragrant oil, sweet sauce, and chilli sauce.

The sweet sauce here deserves special mention. It seems to have been spiked with hae ko (black prawn paste), so the sauce is thicker, sweeter, and more distinctive than others. Reminds me a lot of Penang style chee cheong.

Crunchy and fragrant, even the sesame seeds taste freshly toasted. This is such a humble dish, but you can tell the folks at Duo Ji pay a lot of attention to the little details.

They also serve steamed yam cake, but it’s not as memorable as their chee cheong fun.

Prices start from S$1.50 for a plate of chee cheong fun.

The stall

The stall

Duo Ji 多記馳名豬腸粉
335 Smith Street
#02-216 Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre
Singapore 050335

Tue to Sun: 7am till food runs out, can be as early as 9.30am. Closed on Mon.