Ah Heng Duck Rice

Heard on the grapevine that Ah Heng is operated by the original founder of the famous Heng Gi Goose & Duck Rice in Tekka Market. No wonder I find the braised duck here tasting very similar to those at Heng Gi.

Braised duck with kway, S$5.00

Braised duck + egg (under the meat) + stewed salted mustard + kway in soup, S$5.00

During lunch hour, be prepared to queue. Besides braised duck, they also serve braised pork belly, pig offal, and braised tau kwa (firm tofu) and tau pok (tofu puffs). Their pig intestines is a very popular item!

For me, I don’t eat pig organs, so I just go for the duck. The breast portion tends to be a tad on the dry side, but dip the meat in the dark soy braising liquid and it tastes much better. The dark meat portion — infused with the flavors of the stewing sauce — is comparatively tastier, bouncier, and juicier.

Dark, robust, more salty than sweet — that kind of sums up Ah Heng’s “lor” or braising liquid 卤汁. I like that it is free of herbs and 5-spice powder. This is a very straightforward and old-school style Teochew braised duck.

And I’m also very happy that they serve stewed salted mustard (chye buay), though it’s a little on the salty side for my preference.

Also worthy of mention is the vinegary chilli dip, which makes an excellent companion for the heavy meats and offal.

The stall

The stall

Ah Heng Duck Rice 同濟前阿興鴨飯
531A Upper Cross Street
#02-64 Hong Lim Food Centre
Singapore 051531

Tue to Sun: 8.30am to about 2.30pm, earlier if food runs out. Closed on Mon.