Tai Parfait @ Bugis Junction


Japanese taiyaki + parfait (ice cream & fruit) = Tai Parfait! Opening their first outlet in Singapore, this fusion dessert shop is a Japanese concept originating from Yokohama, Japan.

I read about Tai Parfait in newspapers and magazines, and was absolutely eager to check this place out for myself. Taiyaki + ice cream! Love the idea!


In case you still don’t know what taiyaki is, here’s an explanation.


So their secret ingredient is almond powder! Those who have a nut allergy, you have been warned.


The moulds are similar to the usual taiyaki moulds, except for the mouth part.


The finished pancake has a concave mouth for putting in ice cream and fruits.

You can also buy the pancake as is, like a normal taiyaki. They have four different fillings: adzuki (red bean); matcha; custard; and chocolate.


In the display, there are models of the different kinds of parfait taiyaki.


You can pick adzuki, matcha, custard, or chocolate taiyaki, then choose whichever parfait topping you like.


Upon recommendation, I ordered one of their bestsellers: Adzuki, Matcha Cream & Hokkaido Ice Cream (S$4.90).

It’s indeed a yummy combination! Wish there’s more of the red bean though. The ice cream is also not a very big scoop.


For the taiyaki, I picked Chocolate filling. Flavor-wise, the chocolate taste isn’t very strong, but I liked that it’s not too sweet.

As for the pancake dough, the texture is soft, spongy, and slightly crispy outside. Also it’s quite chewy, kinda like mochi!


Not really satisfied with my first taiyaki, I bought another bestseller: Hokkaido Soft Ice Cream (S$5.90), with adzuki taiyaki.

This time round, it really hit the spot! I prefer the milky soft serve ice cream, and portion-wise, it is a lot more than my previous order. I also like the red bean filling, so it was a really satisfying combination!

Tai Parfait
200 Victoria Street
B1-03A Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Tel: +65 6333 1500
FB: https://www.facebook.com/TaiParfait

Open daily: 11am to 9.45pm (last order)