Mid-Autumn Festival 2014: Mooncakes from BreadTalk Singapore

Mid-Autumn Festival is just one week away, have you tried any mooncakes this year? Our family have already tried several different brands. When it comes to snowskin mooncakes, one of our favorites has to be BreadTalk’s snowskin selection.

Joyous set

JOYOUS (S$52.80 for 8 mini snowskin)

JOYOUS (S$52.80 for 8 mini-piece box) showcases eight mini snowskin mooncakes of 4 different flavors:

  1. Coffee Baileys;
  2. Whiskey;
  3. Black Sesame; and
  4. Double Chocolate.

We especially enjoyed the velvety Double Chocolate and fragrant Black Sesame. They were rich yet not overly heavy. The sweetness level was just right too. Each snowskin mooncake has a truffle centre which gives it an ultra luxurious feel.

Indulgence set

INDULGENCE (4-piece box – Lotus with yolk, S$52.80 / Lotus with melon seed, S$48.80)

For traditionalists, check out the baked mooncakes range. INDULGENCE (4-piece box, $52.80 for Lotus with yolk blend or $48.80 for Lotus with melon seeds) gives you a choice between Lotus Paste with Yolk or Melon Seeds.

BreadTalk's 2014 mooncake selection

BreadTalk’s 2014 mooncake collection

Other baked mooncake box sets to choose from are:

PRESTIGE (4-piece box – $58.80 for ‘Wu Ren’ + Olive Kernel with single yolk or $53.80 for Lotus with yolk blend + Lotus with Macadamia & yolk blend)
Four individually box-packed mooncakes with a choice of either ‘Wu Ren’ and Olive Kernel with Single Yolk, or Lotus with Yolk Blend and Lotus with Macadamia and Yolk Blend combination.

ROYAL (10-piece box, $88.80)
This luxe rhinestone-studded three-tier beauty inspired by a vanity mirror makes a classy gift. This set comprises 10 regular and mini mooncakes including Lotus with Yolk Blend, Olive Kernel with Single Yolk, Lotus with Melon Seeds, Lotus with Macadamia and Lotus with Cranberries.

HELLO KITTY (4-piece box, $38.80)
Definitely the most ‘kawaii’ among the collection, this adorable pretty-in-pink treasure chest with a shiny gold clasp reveals four pieces of petite mooncakes embossed with this well-loved Sanrio character’s face and insignia. This limited edition range consists of two pieces each of Lotus with Macadamia and Lotus with Cranberries mooncakes.

From 20 Aug 2014 to 8 Sep 2014, purchase any 2 boxes of Prestige/Indulgence/Joyous at 20% discount.

For more information, click here for the PDF catalogue for BreadTalk Singapore’s 2014 mooncake selection.