Hui Ji Fish Ball Noodle Yong Tau Fu

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FIshball meepok, S$3.00

FIsh ball meepok noodles, S$3.00

This hawker stall is another one of my regular haunts whenever I go to Tiong Bahru Food Centre. At Hui Ji, their handmade fish balls look and taste markedly different from the usual factory-made fish balls. These are smaller, juicier, have a slightly rough texture, but are absolutely bursting with flavor and character.

They remind me so much of my mom’s homemade fish balls made with wolf herring (ikan parang / 西刀鱼).

My default order is the fish ball with dry meepok noodles.

Some places do very good fish balls, but their noodles fall short. Here, the noodles are outstanding as well.

Cooked by an elderly uncle, the noodles are springy with no hint of alkaline. The noodles are tossed in a wicked combination of fish sauce, vinegar, chilli, and probably some other secret ingredients that make it so irresistibly addictive.

The noodles are topped with boiled fish balls, thick fish cake, fried fish cake slices, fish dumplings, and pork slices. “Fresh” is the most appropriate word to describe everything here.

Yong tau foo with yellow noodles and kway teow, S$4.00

Yong tau foo with yellow noodles and kway teow, S$4.00

They also do a small variety of yong tau foo — beancurd and various vegetables stuffed with fish paste. The yong tau foo is not bad, but somehow, I still prefer their fish ball noodle.

The yong tau foo glass shelf

The yong tau foo glass shelf

You can pick your own items from the glass shelf, or ask for a variety bowl, which is what I usually do (in 2nd photo).

The stall

The stall

Hui Ji Fish Ball Noodle Yong Tau Fu 輝記魚圓麵釀豆腐
30 Seng Poh Road
#02-44 Tiong Bahru Food Centre
Singapore 168898

Open: 7am to 2pm, closed on Wednesdays.