Granny’s Secret @ OG Albert Complex

Yesterday, I was with my younger girl in Bugis area when it started to rain quite heavily. So we took the opportunity to have a pit stop at Granny’s Secret, located on the second floor of OG Albert Complex.

Granny’s Secret is run by Yi Kou Wei 一口味, a chain of kiosks that specializes in takeaway traditional snacks like popiah and steamed yam cake. I’ve dined here once before, when it was newly opened about 5 years ago. However that visit did not leave much impression, probably cos I didn’t order the signature items.

Tea break @ Granny's Secret

Signature items at Granny’s Secret

This time, I ordered two signature snacks and a warm dessert soup.

Traditional Popiah, S$3.80++

Granny Special XL Popiah, S$3.80++

About 1.5 times fatter than the average popiah, this version is a tight roll of turnip, crushed peanut, egg, lettuce, beansprout, and some bits of prawn. The wrapper skin feels a little thicker than usual, probably to support the weight of a bigger popiah.

Juicy (from the turnips), fragrant (from the peanut), and crunchy (from the veggies), this popiah was indeed a pleasure. Not sure what those strips of cucumber and mayo on the side are doing there, though.

But at S$4.50 (after taxes), this is like nearly double the price of a normal-sized popiah. I suppose it depends whether you want to pay the same amount of $$ for one big roll, or for two small rolls.

Glutinous Rice with Organic Unpolished Rice,

Granny Signature Organic Glutinous Rice, S$5.50++

Actually I found the glutinous rice more memorable than the popiah. It is not easy to perfect the texture of glutinous rice, but here they do it very well. The grains are separate, chewy, and soft without being mushy.

They also mix the glutinous rice with some organic unpolished rice for more fragrance and texture. Together with dried shrimp, peanut, and black-eyed bean, the dish was irresistibly fragrant and appetizing.

Papaya & Snow Fungus

Papaya, Snow Fungus & Red Date, S$3.00++

Ordered a warm sweet soup to round off the meal. It came with an abundant amount of ingredients and was well executed.

Overall, it was a pleasant break at a quiet spot. The cosy little eatery has floor to ceiling windows with natural light streaming in. Prices are a little on the steep side though; food quality is decent but portions are a little small. Prices would be more reasonable without the added surcharges.

Total bill: S$14.85

Prices listed are before 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Granny’s Secret 阿嬷的私房菜
60 Albert Street
#02-07, OG Albert Complex
Singapore 189969
Tel: +65 6336 7785

Open daily: 11am to 9:30pm