Mid-Autumn Festival 2014: Mooncakes from Jiang Nan Chun, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

When it comes to mooncakes, my mom-in-law has the fussiest most discerning taste buds. So if a certain mooncake meets her approval, you can be sure it is a definite winner. Of all the mooncakes we’ve sampled so far this year, she had the highest praises for Jiang Nan Chun’s selection.

Jiang Nan Chun snowskin mooncakes

Jiang Nan Chun snowskin mooncakes

For Mid-Autumn Festival 2014, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore has put together a meticulously crafted selection of classic favourites and new creations.

Making its debut is the baked Assorted Nuts with Kaffir Lime and BBQ Chicken. Even though we aren’t big fans of the classic assorted nuts 五仁 mooncake, we were impressed by Jiang Nan Chun’s modern version. Crunchy with subtle hints of savoury and sweet notes, the kaffir lime enlivens this nutty creation with its lively, citrusy scent.

But our favourite baked mooncake has to be Jiang Nan Chun’s Black Sesame with Silver Lotus Seed Paste & Walnuts. The interior is a twin filling of lotus paste and black sesame paste, both of which were beautifully smooth, fragrant, and complemented each other well. Bits of walnut provide textural crunch.

An exquisite assortment of traditional baked & snowskin mooncakes.

An exquisite assortment of traditional baked & snowskin mooncakes.

The snowskin mooncakes are excellent as well. I’ve tried all the flavors (except D24 Durian), and they are all outstanding. The exterior is made of super smooth thin skin with no floury taste, and the fillings boast rich and balanced flavors. Best of all, they are light and don’t leave a heavy sensation.

Packaged in an elegant red and gold textured box, the mooncakes are available in Jiang-Nan Chun from August 7 till September 8, 2014.

Prices start from SGD 62.00 for a set of four baked mooncakes and SGD 58.00 for a set of eight snowskin mooncakes. For a minimum order of 200 boxes, guests will enjoy a 20 percent bulk discount; while a delivery charge of SGD 50.00 per location applies based on a minimum order of 50 boxes.

Additionally, shoppers heading to Ngee Ann City may also order the mooncakes at the Jiang-Nan Chun mooncake booth from 10:30 am till 9:30 pm daily.

Jiang Nan Chun Traditional Mooncakes (4 pieces)

  1. 双黄白莲蓉月饼  Silver lotus paste with double yolks and melon seeds – SGD 65.00
  2. 单黄白莲蓉月饼  Silver lotus paste with single yolk and melon seeds – SGD 63.00
  3. 鸡肉干五仁青柠月饼  Assorted nuts with kaffir lime and BBQ chicken – SGD 65.00
  4. 子白莲蓉月饼  Silver lotus paste with honey and pine nuts – SGD 62.00
  5. 鸳鸯核桃黑芝麻莲蓉月饼  Black sesame with silver lotus seed paste and walnut – SGD 63.00
  6. 低糖桂花乌龙月饼月饼  Silver lotus paste with cassia flowers, oolong tea and melon seeds – SGD 62.00

Jiang Nan Chun Mini Snowskin Mooncakes (8 pieces)

  1. 冰皮D24榴莲月饼  D24 Durian paste – SGD 60.00
  2. 冰皮香槟巧克力月饼  Champagne chocolate – SGD 58.00
  3. 冰皮蜜糖白莲蓉旦黄月饼  Silver honey lotus paste and yolk – SGD 58.00
  4. 冰皮榛果奶茶月饼  Hazelnut royaltine and milk tea – SGD 58.00

All prices are subject to 7 percent GST. For enquiries and orders, contact Jiang-Nan Chun at tel: (65) 6831 7220 or email jnc.sin@fourseasons.com

All images courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel Singapore.