Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck @ Paragon

This year, my birthday was one day before Mother’s Day. Sometimes, I wonder why I’m born the same period as Mother’s Day. This means I’m shortchanged of one celebration! Of course, this is good news for hubby’s wallet, so I guess he’s quietly happy.

We celebrated my birthday as well as Mother’s Day in advance with my mom and mother-in-law. The venue was Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck at Paragon. The restaurant was fully packed for dinner on a Friday evening.

Perhaps this was why the service standard wasn’t up to par. We waited for a while before someone was able to take our orders. And they served us a wrong dish, but we just took it cos we didn’t want any fuss.

Our Peking duck being carved up

Our Peking duck being expertly carved up.

As usual, their signature dish — the Peking duck (S$70++) — was impeccable. So was the noodle dish cooked with remaining meat from the duck carcass. The other dishes were just ok; execution-wise I felt they were slightly below the usual Imperial Treasure standard.

Beautifully sliced duck

Beautifully sliced duck

The duck was beautifully carved into 2 separate plates of dark meat and breast meat. We were impressed by the succulent meat and sinfully crisp skin.

The condiments

Clockwise from bottom: Breast meat; steamed wraps; duck skin; spring onion and cucumber sticks.

There was another plate of paper-thin duck skin, superbly crispy with nary a hint of fat. I like how they serve sugar as a dip for the skin, supposedly the authentic Beijing style.

Fried noodles with duck meat

Fried noodles with duck meat

For an additional S$15++, you can have the remaining duck meat cooked with noodles. The noodles they used here looks like flat mee pok, but very much thinner, with a pleasantly smooth and bouncy texture. We liked this dish too.

As there were four adults and 2 toddlers among us, we ordered 3 more dishes including a veg dish. Forgot to take photo of the veg dish. Anyway it was very forgettable.

Lemon sauce prawns

Lemon sauce prawns

The prawns — lightly battered and coated in a sweet-sour lemony sauce — was also rather forgettable, and also rather pricey (I think it was around $25 for 6 prawns that weren’t very big).

Fried cod fish

Fried cod fish

We ordered 2 servings of grilled cod, but this looked more like fried cod. Each serving is one slice of cod that is smaller than my palm. At S$12++ for one slice, we thought it was quite pricey too.

Our total bill came up to about S$185 after taxes.

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant
290 Orchard Road
#05-42/45, Paragon
Singapore 238859
Tel: +65 6732 7838



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