Eatzi Gourmet Bakery Mother’s Day cake 2014: Mango Chocolate Surprise

My two imps are so happy when there's cake!

My two imps are so happy when there’s cake!

And so, the marketing rep from JP Pepperdine (which manages Jack’s Place restaurants, Restaurant Hoshigaoka, and Eatzi Gourmet) wrote me this nice email.

Eatzi: Hi, Julia! We’re launching 3 cakes for Mother’s Day this year. Would you like to try our Mango Loaf Cake?

Me: Oh, we’ve already tried the Mango Mousse Supreme last year, for my daughter’s birthday.

Eatzi: The Mango Loaf Cake is similar to the Mango Mousse Supreme, but looks different. Would you like to try the Mango Chocolate cake instead?

Me: Sure!

"Mommy, have you finished taking photos? Can we eat the cake now?"

“Mommy, have you finished taking photos? Can we eat the cake now?”

My family loves Eatzi Gourmet Bakery’s mango mousse cake, so we’re curious as to what the Mango Chocolate version would taste like.

Mango Chocolate Surprise, cross-sectioned.

Mango Chocolate Surprise, cross-sectioned.

The Mango Chocolate Surprise (S$49.30 for a 1kg cake) is made up of 4 layers. From the top: mango mousse, vanilla sponge, chocolate mousse, and chocolate sponge. The top is decorated with dark chocolate and fresh mango cubes.

Here’s are our comments.

Hubby: Love the rich and bitter dark chocolate taste!

Mother-in-law: A bit too much mousse, prefer more sponge. But I like that the cake is not too sweet.

Me: Agree with mom-in-law, prefer to have more sponge. The dark chocolate mousse might be a bit too bitter for young children. I love the mango + chocolate combo. Best of both worlds for mango and chocolate fans!

Matilda & Meredith: Mommy, can we have some more? (ok obviously they aren’t bothered by the bittersweet dark chocolate!)

Beside Mango Chocolate Surprise, you can also consider the Mango Double Decker or Mango Loaf if you’re looking to get a mango cake for Mother’s Day 2014. Click on this link to see the full list. You can order online or call Eatzi Gourmet Bakery at 6287 6298. Mother’s Day cakes are available for the whole of May. 15% discount and extra 500 bonus points for members for these cakes will only last till 11 May 2014.