Uncle Chicken

Having discovered this gem of a stall a few months ago, this is my current favorite chicken rice at the moment.

Chicken rice with add-on liver, S$4.50 + S$0.50.

Chicken rice with add-on liver, S$5.00 (S$4.50 + S$0.50 for liver).

Boss Niven Leong is the son of the original Sin Kee Chicken Rice founder. His brother now helms the Mei Ling Street Food Centre outlet. There’s another Sin Kee Chicken Rice along Commonwealth Ave that’s run by ex-employees.

Despite using the same recipe, there are subtle differences between the two brothers’ Cantonese style chicken rice.

Superb ginger & spring onion dip!

Superb ginger & spring onion dip!

My favorite thing about Uncle Chicken’s version is their ginger & spring onion dip. This isn’t the pathetic diluted stuff served at many other chicken rice stalls. Niven’s ginger dip is chunky and unabashedly bold with fresh ginger and spring onion flavor spiked with salt.

The chilli lime dip — punchy with a touch of tang — is markedly differently from the ginger dip, but makes a great complement.

Both the ginger and chilli dips go well with the chunky cut chicken served on the bone, which I much prefer over the boneless type. Smooth with good bite, the chicken is served splashed with sesame oil and soy sauce.

The rice — served in bowls, not plates — is toothsome and pleasantly flavored with chicken stock.

Uncle Chicken

No, that’s not Niven. That’s the stall assistant.

Uncle Chicken
120 Bukit Merah Lane
#01-74 Alexandra Village Food Centre
Singapore 150120

Open: 11am to 8pm. Closed on Mon.

Images taken with iPhone 4s and edited with Snapseed.