Soon Soon Huat Crispy Puffs

This severely underrated curry puff stall serves one of the best curry puffs in Singapore. They used to be at Henderson Road, but have now relocated nearby to Kim Tian Road.

I’ve been eating Soon Soon Huat’s curry puffs for years, and I can’t believe I’m only blogging them now.

Soon Soon Huat's crispy curry puff.

Soon Soon Huat’s crispy curry puff.

If you find the taste familiar, it’s because the folks behind Soon Soon Huat are from the same family as the founder of the famous 1A Crispy Puffs chain.

For more info on the Soon Soon Huat F&B family business, read this story.



But I prefer Soon Soon Huat’s version because it’s bigger and cheaper! Compared to 1A, they are more generous with the stuffing.

Made of evenly cubed potato and chicken, the filling is moist, tasty, and not too spicy (for my tastebuds).

The skin is amazingly crisp, buttery and melts in your mouth. But at the same time, it is so thin and airy it doesn’t feel overly rich.

Even when cold, Soon Soon Huat’s curry puff still tastes good.

S$1.30 each.

S$1.30 each.

I only go for the chicken potato & egg curry puff. There’s also sardine, but I don’t eat sardine.

The stall.

The stall.

They only make a limited quantity each day, and sell out quite early. If you want your Soon Soon Huat curry puffs, you can call to order in advance.

Soon Soon Huat Crispy Puffs
Blk 127 Kim Tian Road
#01-01 Ow Meeting Place
Singapore 160127
Tel: +65 6841 5618
FB page

Open daily: 8am to 5pm, earlier if sold out.