“Healthy Body, Healthy Mind” Bento Making Workshop with Dettol Singapore

Happy 2014, everyone! May the new year be a fruitful and prosperous one for you!

How did you usher in the new year? Actually, I had a pair of tickets to the biggest countdown party of the year Celebrate TV50 at Marina Bay, courtesy of American Express Singapore (official card sponsor of this event). Unfortunately, Meredith was down with a cold, so I had to stay home to take care of her. But the tickets didn’t go to waste; my sister-in-law and niece were most happy to go in my stead. And they had a blast at the countdown party!

This episode reminded me just how important it is to maintain hygiene wherever we go, especially as we have two young children who are most vulnerable to germs and viruses.

Starting this year, our two-year-old Matilda is going to school for the very first time in her life! My baby is growing too fast! *sob*

Speaking of school, I think Matilda will soon be bugging me to make her those cute little lunch-box bentos. Not long ago, Matilda and I attended a bento-making workshop for mother and child, organized by Dettol Singapore. I learned to make a bento for the very first time!


The workshop instructor was popular bento artist and blogger Shirley Wong.


Before starting on bento making, we all washed our hands. The representatives from Dettol Singapore showed us the proper 8-step hand washing process. Washing hands with soap is the most effective way to reduce the spread of infections!


The workshop was held at Nourish Studios in Boat Quay. There were other parent bloggers and their kids too!


The first thing Shirley taught us was “banana art”.


Using a sharp toothpick, write or draw on the banana skin (without piercing the skin through).


After oxidisation, your words or drawing will show prominently on the banana skin. Such a cool trick!


Next, we cut grooves in hot dog buns.


Stuff the groove with lettuce, ham, and tuna mayo.


Make carrot flowers to decorate the bun.


Use flower mold to cut out the carrot. Use a straw to poke out the centre. Fill the centre with omelette.


Ta-dah! Edible carrot flower!


Decorate the bun with carrot flowers and peas.


Haha, Matilda is being my hand model here! Fold a piece of cellophane paper (as above) to wrap the bun.


This way you can hold and eat your bun without dirtying your hands!


Making bumble bees with omelette ovals, seaweed strips, cheese hearts (for the wings), and black sesame seed (for the eyes).


So cute, right?


Cutting out rock melon stars. Easy peasy!


My final bento — Tuna & ham bun with omelette bees; rock melon stars; banana; grapes and cherry tomatoes.

What a wholesome and visually appealing lunch box! And it’s not that difficult to put together; it just requires some advance planning.


My girl looks thrilled with the bento I made for her!


Group photo of us parent bloggers with our kids and instructor Shirley Wong. Besides learning about hand hygiene and bento-making, it was a fun bonding session for parents and children too!


These Dettol products are great to have at home. I use the 4-in-1 Multi Action Cleaner to clean my kitchen everytime after cooking. And the Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes and Instant Hand Sanitizer are MUST-HAVES whenever I bring my kids out — to clean and disinfect their hands, and also to wipe tables and chairs when we eat out.

Thank you Dettol Singapore for organizing this fun and informative workshop!