AMK Curry Puff

After an errand run, I was heading back to Toa Payoh HDB Hub / MRT when I walked past this nondescript-looking stall in an HDB coffeeshop.

Freshly fried curry puffs!

Freshly fried curry puffs, one for S$1.30.

What caught my eye was the signboard that says simply “AMK Curry Puff”, short for Ang Mo Kio. There was a middle-aged lady seated at the side of the stall, slowly but meticulously wrapping curry puffs. I also noticed a small basket of freshly fried curry puffs in the display counter.

My foodie radar told me that I had to investigate this place. And so I bought one curry puff. It was piping hot. I sat down at a table to eat it.

The nondescript-looking stall.

The nondescript-looking stall.

Oh my, it was really delicious! And it tasted really familiar!

Curry puffs made by hand.

Curry puffs made by hand.

So I kaypoh (Singapore slang for “busybody”) went to talk to the people at the stall. Turns out that the owner used to be a minority shareholder of the famous Tip Top Curry Puff in Ang Mo Kio!

Apparently, about 2 years ago, the owners of Tip Top sold the business to ABR Holdings (which also owns other F&B brands like Swensens and Gloria Jean’s Coffees). And so, the minority shareholder decided to continue to do what he knows best, and that’s to sell traditional curry puffs made by hand.

Freshly rolled out dough and fillings.

Freshly rolled out dough and fillings.

They were very friendly and happily let me take photos of the stall.

See the ingredients neatly laid out above? There’s minced chicken (top right corner), hardboiled egg, potato filling (centre), and circles of cut-out dough.



The spicy potato filling is just as I remember. Fiery, moist, and very fragrant, the spicy rempah (spice paste) together with the soft but not mushy potato cubes packs a real punch! When cold, it doesn’t taste as spicy, but is still very fragrant and delicious.

Love the thin and crisp crust too! It’s buttery, but holds its shape and isn’t too crumbly — just the way I like it.

I bought a couple of curry puffs home. Even when cold, they still tasted delicious.

The owner and his sister-in-law.

The owner and his sister-in-law. He told me he has been selling curry puffs since 1978.

To be honest, I was quite disappointed with Tip Top Curry Puffs when I tried them at their Plaza Singapura outlet (more than a year ago). The curry puff I had was a pale shadow of its former glorious self. Is Tip Top a victim of corporate takeover and mass production? I hope they’ve since improved on their standards.

In the meantime, I’m very happy to discover AMK Curry Puff. These days, it’s so rare to see hardworking hawkers who use quality ingredients and traditional methods without resorting to shortcuts, so please support AMK Curry Puff if you can!

AMK Curry Puff
Blk 184 Toa Payoh Central #01-372
Inside Super 28 Coffeeshop
Singapore 310184
Tel: 9672 6621

Daily 10am to 8.30pm



  1. Betty says

    Julia, love curry puffs and there a places that make it different in San Francisco. They like to use more meat less potato in it but mix it mash and blend with meat filling. People like it that way very much.
    As for seafood now people only eat twice a week of it due to mercury content of seafood. They now consume more other proteins products.