Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice 美味起骨雞飯

Chicken rice meal for two

Chicken rice meal for two pax, S$14.00.

I’ve heard quite a lot about this food stall at the basement of Katong Shopping Centre that supposedly serves excellent chicken rice. Finally had the chance to try it out while on a Katong trip with mom-in-law and the kids.

The main dish

Fowl dish.

We ordered a platter for two diners: Steamed chicken, roast chicken, chicken liver, and 2 stewed eggs. Plus 2 plates of rice. Soup and pickles are complimentary.

The main dish

Golden crispy garlic!

The chicken is generously bathed in a sweetish soy sauce dressing, then topped with a sprinkling of crispy fried garlic bits.

After polishing everything on our plates, I can see why this chicken rice stall has so much appeal.

  1. They use fatter birds, which translate to meaty succulent-tasting meat.
  2. The chicken – both steamed and roasted – was tender with springy bite.
  3. Portions are on the generous side.
  4. Super flavorful soup! Usually, the accompanying soup for chicken rice is more like a salt+msg water. But here, the soup came with CHUNKS of cabbage and carrot, and tasted like it’s been simmered for hours to extract all the sweetness of the veggies.
  5. FREE-FLOW pineapple & cucumber pickles that you can help yourself to!
Crunchy pickles

Crunchy pickles!

My fav part of the meal was definitely this chunky pineapple & cucumber pickle. Sweet, vinegary, and crunchy, it is very appetizing and a good counterpart to all that rich meat.

Also worthy of mention is  the creamy chicken liver that was cooked to perfection.

But not all was perfect. The steamed chicken was slightly undercooked (read: bloody) near the bones. The rice — not fragrant enough on its own — was rather disappointing.

However, as a whole, this was a rather appealing chicken rice, made especially memorable with unique touches like crispy garlic bits, flavorful soup, and piquant pickles.

The stall

The stall.

Besides chicken, they also serve roast pork, char siew, and crunchy chicken feet.

Despite their name, the chicken does not come boneless by default. You have to request for boneless if you want. Me? I prefer my chopped chicken on the bone. That’s where all the flavor is!

Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice 美味起骨雞飯
865 Mountbatten Road, #B1-85/87 Katong Shopping Centre
Stall 3 Katong Gourmet Centre
Singapore 437844
Tel: 9789-6073 (Mr Goh)

10.30am to 8pm, closed on Mondays.