Crispy skin yam mooncake 脆皮芋泥月饼 from Garden Pastry & Cake

It’s raining mooncakes! Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 19 September (next Thursday) this year, which means it’s just 9 days away. My Instagram feed is flooded with images of gorgeous mooncakes of all kinds, mostly the traditional Cantonese-style baked type as well as the modern snowskin version.

Crispy yam mooncake

Garden Pastry’s crispy skin yam paste mooncake

My mother-in-law’s favorite is the Teochew flaky skin yam paste mooncake, and she’s especially fond of Garden Pastry‘s version. Apparently this pastry shop — around since 1977 — is quite a household name for yam paste mooncakes.

Crispy yam mooncake with single yolk

Crispy yam mooncake with single yolk

Yesterday I popped by the Takashimaya mooncake fair to buy a box of Garden’s crispy yam mooncakes for mom-in-law. This is their pricing for 2013:

  1. Crispy skin yam mooncake — S$11 per piece, S$40 (4 pieces)
  2. Crispy skin yam mooncake with 1 yolk — S$11.50 per piece, S$42 (4 pieces)
  3. Mini crispy skin yam mooncake — S$5.50 per piece, S$40 (8 pieces)
Yammy goodness!

Yammy goodness!

This is the second year I’m buying Garden’s yam mooncakes, and I must say they are still as good.

Neither too sweet nor too rich, the smooth yam paste has a pleasant and natural fragrance of yam. The flaky pastry is airy and crisp. On the whole, the mooncake doesn’t feel heavy and tastes very more-ish.

We prefer the version with yolk as its saltiness provides an interesting texture and contrast against the sweetness of the yam paste.

Unfortunately, these kind of mooncakes do not keep well at room temperature and is best eaten within 2 days. But they can be kept in the fridge for up to 10 days and re-heated in the oven.

Garden Pastry is selling their mooncakes at the places below.

Till 19th September 2013:

  1. Takashimaya B2
  2. Tangs @ nex L1
  3. Raffles Xchange B1

Till 18th September 2013:

  1. Jurong Point L1
  2. IMM L1
  3. J8 L2
  4. Jcube L1
  5. Tampines Mall L1
  6. Parkway Parade B1