Matilda turns two!

The birthday girl and her birthday cake!

The birthday girl and her birthday cake!

Our firstborn turned two this August! We had a simple lunch celebration for her at home, together with her paternal grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousin.

From left: Meredith, Matilda, and their cousin Melissa.

From left: Meredith, Matilda, and their cousin Melissa.

This candid photo is so funny I just have to share it! Matilda is holding up a thumbs-up sign (she likes her cake!), their cousin Melissa is smiling mysteriously like Mona Lisa, and 10-month Meredith (held up by her grandma) is posing like… she’s ready to run??

Birthday cake from Eatzi

Birthday cake from Eatzi Gourmet

I wanted to order a customized kiddie birthday cake that’s not too big, cos there’s just 6 adults and two kids. But for more fancy designs, most cake shops only do customized cakes for 1.5 kg and above. That’s too big for us. I didn’t want a cake that’s more than 1 kg.

Finally settled on Eatzi Gourmet. This is the halal bakery & catering arm of JP Pepperdine. Ordering was a breeze through their online website. Payment by credit card or Paypal. You can pick up the cake at any Jack’s Place outlet, or pay a small fee for delivery.

Picked this design K12. For the cake flavor, I chose their bestselling Mango Mousse Supreme. Total cost: S$46.55 (inclusive of 7% GST) for a 1kg cake.

Mango Mousse

Mango Mousse Supreme

Compared to her 1st birthday cake, this one doesn’t look as pretty. Thankfully, the cake tasted delicious! There’s bits of luscious mango scattered within the cake, and you can really taste the flavor of fresh mango in the mousse. Sis-in-law commented that this cake is very light, not too sweet, and doesn’t leave a heavy after-feel. I’m so glad everyone enjoyed the cake!