Durian pengat @ Bee Garden 蜜蜂园

Anyone remember the Ch 8 series Buzzing Cashier 枪摊大行动? In Season 2 (aired sometime in 2009), there was this episode which featured Bee Garden — a hawker dessert stall. The young son received coaching from chef Eric Teo, but in the end, his mother had to take over because he was hospitalized.

When I visited about 2 weeks ago, his mother was alone manning the stall. She told me that her son doesn’t want to work at the stall anymore, because of the long hours.

Durian pengat, S$2.50

Durian pengat, S$2.50

Anyway, I tried their bestselling durian pengat. It’s indeed very thick and fragrant, full of pure durian flavor with a hint of rich coconut milk. However, it was waaaaaay too sweet. A case of too much gula melaka?

Also, the dish is served over shaved ice, which dilutes and makes the durian puree very watery. I think the durian pengat will taste better served chilled without ice.

I also tried their cheng tng. Sparse ingredients, nothing like what’s pictured in ieat’s post. Also, it was waaaaaay too sweet. *disappointed*

Bee Garden
31 Commonwealth Crescent
#02-78 Commonwealth Crescent Market & Food Centre
Singapore 140000

Opening hours: Around noon to evening. Closed ad-hoc.

Images in this post were captured with Sony Alpha SLT-A58 with 1855 lens (review unit from Sony Singapore).