Tai Seng Noodle House 大成熟食麵家

This stall at Amoy Street Food Centre is somewhat of a legend among regulars here. Why? In a land where rising food costs have pushed vendors to cut food portions, this stall still serves very generous portions at very affordable prices!

Pork rib horfun, S$4.00

Pork rib horfun, S$4.00

This massive plate of food plus a bowl of soup wontons is only S$4!

They sell char siew wanton noodles as well, but I feel that their char siew is too dry.

On the other hand, their stewed pork ribs is amazingly fall-off-the-bone tender and oh-so flavorful! The braising liquid is lip-smackingly rich and tasty. There’s also some random pieces of braised tofu puffs which has soaked up all that delicious gravy. *slurp*

That red gravy you see is the sauce for the noodles. It’s ketchup-y sweet and teasingly spicy all at once!

Soup wonton

Soup wonton

In addition to the fried wontons on the noodles, included is a bowl of soup with 4 wontons. The wontons are small, and the soup is one-dimensional. But overall, this is a very value-for-money meal!

The stall

The stall

*They offer a choice of thin egg noodles and horfun.

Tai Seng Noodle House
7 Maxwell Road
02-123, Amoy Street Food Centre
Singapore 069111

Open: Mon to Sat, 9.30 to around 2pm



  1. says

    I ate their char siew wanton mee before. Had the same issue too (char siew too dry). Their serving is way too generous =)

    Whee, I will try their pork ribs when I have the chance!