Hong Kong 2013: Century eggs & pickled ginger from Yung Kee

The packaging for Yung Kee's century eggs & pickled ginger

The packaging for Yung Kee’s century eggs & pickled ginger

During our short Hong Kong trip, we didn’t have time to dine at the legendary Yung Kee Restaurant. No chance to try their famed roast goose, but we did manage to buy a box of their equally famous century eggs to bring back home.

Six century eggs and pickled ginger, HKD80

Six century eggs and pickled ginger, HKD80

As of April 2013, a box of half dozen century eggs and pickled ginger cost HKD80, about S$12.90 (based on S$1:HKD6.2).



Honestly, I’m not a century egg fan. With their pungent ammonia smell, century eggs are definitely an acquired taste.

So it was with some apprehension as I approached these eggs. But like what I was told, Yung Kee’s century eggs are a lot easier to eat than what we normally buy in supermarkets.

There’s only a slight hint of that characteristic pungency (phew!). And the texture is gorgeous! The white is wobbly smooth. And the yolk is deliciously creamy, with an oozy molten centre. *drool*

The pink pickled ginger is also very delish! Sweet, delightfully sour, and surprisingly juicy — the pickled ginger goes very well with century egg and is equally delectable on its own.

In Chinese, this classic Cantonese appetizer is called 溏心皮蛋. “溏心” (pinyin: tang2 xin1) is used to describe eggs with a molten centre.

Did some Googling, and found out that Yung Kee has a master chef who specializes in making these century eggs. Apparently, they are preserved for 28 days, shorter than usual, in order to produce this kind of texture.

I’m still not crazy about century eggs, but I can definitely understand why century egg lovers would go gaga over these.

Yung Kee Restaurant 香港鏞記酒家
32-40 Wellington Street, Central
Tel: +852 2522 1624
URL: http://www.yungkee.com.hk

Open daily: 11am to 11pm

Note: Yung Kee Restaurant is on the same street as Mak’s Noodles and Tsim Chai Kee.