Tamoya Udon (Liang Court)

Shucks! I accidentally deleted the photos of Tamoya Udon in my camera! Arghhhh…! Lucky I still have my Instagram pics, phew!

Beef Kake Udon

Beef Kake Udon

Ok, this is how it works. Tamoya Udon (from Kagawa Prefecture, Japan) is an assembly line udon joint.

  1. Choose your size of udon (regular or large) and soup base. The noodles come in different soup bases — kake, bukakke (try not to think dirty!), sanuki, curry.
  2. If you want add-on tempura, take your pick from the tempura trays. Prices start from S$1.00 for a skewer of shitake mushroom tempura to S$2.50 for prawn tempura.
  3. Pay for your udon (and tempura) at the cashier.
  4. Go to the self-service condiments station. Top your noodles with tempura flakes, wakame, spring onion, preserved plum, pickled daikon, etc.

Prices are surprisingly pocket-friendly. The regular Kake Udon starts from just S$4.80 (add $2 to upsize).

We ordered Beef Kake Udon (S$10.80) and Pork Sanuki Udon (S$8.80).

Tender, paper-thin, and well-marinated, both pork and beef were tasty. But they tasted similar, probably marinated using the same seasoning.

Smooth and chewy without a floury taste, the udon here has lovely texture.

Although Sanuki udon noodles are supposedly firmer and chewier, we couldn’t find much difference in texture between our Kake and Sanuki udon. However, the broth for Sanuki udon was sweeter and saltier. We preferred the Kake broth to the Sanuki.

Assorted tempura

Assorted tempura

We tried a variety of tempura — mushroom, pumpkin, sweet potato, prawn, chikuwa. The tempura items are very chunky. But we found the batter a little too thick and heavy. Maybe they are intentionally made this way for dunking into the udon broth.

Although I appreciate a good ramen, it’s a little too salty and rich. Udon is a nice alternative for me. While not mind-blowing, Tamoya’s udon and tempura are decently satisfying and filling. Worth a try if you’re in the area.

Tamoya Udon
177 River Valley Road
#01-00 Liang Court Shopping Centre
Singapore 179030
Tel: +65 6377 0301
URL: http://tamoya.com.sg/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/tamoya.sg

Open daily: 11am to 10pm