Capturing memories of Hong Kong Disneyland with Sony NEX-3N

I have a confession to make: When it comes to food photography, I use professional gear (Sony Alpha 350 DSLR camera and macro lens). But when it comes other kinds of photography, I’m as clueless as any photography noobs. Hence, for outings or travel trips, I prefer to use a smart camera like the Sony NEX series. I’ve tried out a few NEX models, and what I really like is that they are powerful yet small and handy for travelling.


For our April 2013 trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, I brought along the latest Sony NEX-3N. Most of the time, I made used of the function Scene Selection (Landscape for landscape images, Sports Action for moving objects).


This Mickey fountain greets us before our entrance to magical Disneyland!


Hong Kong Disneyland has vastly expanded since opening in 2005. There are now six themed areas, with three more in the pipeline. This building is in the Main Street area, set in early 20th century Midwest USA.


There’s lots and lots of fun rides in Disneyland! This carousel is popular with both the young and the young at heart.


One of the first stops for us was Toy Story Land, which has three thrilling rides — RC Racer (above pic), Toy Soldier Parachute Drop, and Slinky Dog Zig Zag Spin.

I didn’t dare take the RC Racer…


…so I tried the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop, thinking it should be quite easy. But it was surprisingly heart-stopping!


The Parachute Drop up close.


The Slinky Dog Spin is more kid-friendly, but still thrilling!


Don’t miss the Jungle River Cruise! Lots of unexpected sights and adventures during the boat ride here, so I shan’t spoil the surprise for you.


This is the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars in Grizzly Gulch. This thrilling ride is not for the faint-hearted, but adrenaline junkies will love it!


One of the top highlights in Hong Kong Disneyland is the Flights of Fantasy parade (at 3.30pm weekdays or 4pm weekends). You can get to see all your favorite Disney characters in action here, as well as colorful floats and exuberant dancers!

The Flights of Fantasy parade images are taken using Scene Selection > Sports Action (for fast action).


Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and gang.


Fairytale couples.


Disney princesses!








Toy Story characters!


Look at the crowds lining the streets!


We also got to preview the new Mystic Point theme land that will officially open on 17 May 2013. The theme of Mystic Manor is similar to Haunted Mansion. The Mystic Manor ride is really surreal, like being immersed in a movie where the characters come to life. A definite must-visit!


Me and Camemberu getting into character as guests of Lord Henry Mystic, the owner of Mystic Manor.


Live performance outside Mystic Manor.


The full cast.

There are many more theme areas and attractions in Hong Kong Disneyland; what you see here is just a teaser preview! Disneyland definitely exceeded my expectations; when my two girls are older, I want to bring them to experience the magic of Disneyland too.

Because it was cloudy and occasionally rainy during our visit in Hong Kong Disneyland, the photos came out slightly dim. Otherwise, I’m very happy with the photos. They are sharp and clear, with rich, vibrant, and accurate colors.

For the above pics, I only increased the brightness slightly to compensate for the cloudy skies. No other editing done.

There’s one function that I was most impressed with — Scene Selection > Anti Motion Blur. I used this feature while shooting pics of “Festival of the Lion King” in Adventureland.


Another not to be missed performance, this 30-minute Lion King musical takes place four times a day in an indoor amphitheater.


Anyone who has taken photos in dim lighting and of fast motion would know that it’s tricky to get images that are sharp and clear. I found that the Anti Motion Blur function in the Sony NEX-3N solved this problem perfectly.


These images have not been edited at all. I was able to capture the dancers in action sharp and clear.


Rich, vibrant colors.


Pretty good for images straight out of the camera, right?

After exploring the Sony NEX-3N, I find that it’s a powerful all-purpose camera worthy of recommendation. It comes with 16-50mm lens which is suitable for wide-angle shots, hence making it an ideal travel lens (great for landscape shots). The pre-set functions are user-friendly for amateur photographers, while professionals can also choose to shoot in Manual mode in RAW format.

I don’t normally write camera reviews (and I’m not obligated nor paid to do so), but the Sony NEX-3N impressed me so much I feel inspired to share my experience here.

Photo(s) in this post are taken with Sony NEX-3N (review unit from Sony Singapore).