Hubby’s breakfast #067: Fruit pastry cake

Fruit pastry cake

Haven’t been doing any baking since Baby Meredith arrived 2 months ago. Fingers itching to bake some cakes, so I browsed my favorite baking blogs for inspiration. Came across Happy Homebaker’s Fruit Pastry Cake recipe. This was a very popular recipe in the baking blogosphere a couple of years back, but I’ve yet to try it.

Baked this cake late last night after the two babies went to bed, so that we could have it for breakfast this morning. It’s quite pleasant. The cake itself isn’t too rich or sweet, and the fruit topping adds a refreshing flavor. Will post the recipe in a separate post later. TGIF and have a great weekend!

Update (Dec 11, 2012): Here’s the recipe for Fruit Pastry Cake.



  1. Betty says

    How wonderful to have now 2 children. I raised three daughters and see everyone is so different in personality. Your cake reminded me of my youngest daughter. I brought ingredients from store to bake a cake left bag in kitchen to answer the phone. I came back to kitchen and found my daughter took all the eggs out and place on floor and stomp at every one of the eggs. I was shock and daughter try to run away instead slid across the kitchen due slippery eggs on feet.

    Now you have to learn how it like to raise a toddler for they are indeed a hand full but a hand full of joy also.