Eating at home – September 2012

Every week, I rack my brains for ideas on what to cook for our daily weekday dinners. Seriously, it’s not easy planning dinner menus that are balanced, varied, interesting, and keep to a certain budget — week after week!

Stir-fried prawns, sugar snap peas and Shimeiji mushrooms in XO sauce.

I’ve discovered that convenience sauces can help to instantly jazz up a dish without much effort. For this prawn, sugar snap peas and mushroom stirfry, I simply added some Lee Kum Kee XO Sauce, and voila! We have a new dish on our dinner repertoire!

Steamed pork ribs in Lee Kum Kee Black Bean Garlic Sauce.

This was another easy peasy dish. I marinated pork ribs with Lee Kum Kee’s black bean garlic sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, and cooking wine, then steamed the dish for 40 minutes.

Pan-fried sea bream steaks with onions and plum sauce.

Sometimes I just come up with something on the spur of the moment. Originally, this was just simple pan-fried sea bream steaks, but I thought it was kinda boring. So I sauteed some onions and made a sweet-and-sour plum-sauce based gravy to go with it.

Prawns, broccoli & cauliflower stir-fry.

Broccoli, cauliflower and prawns go well together!

Ginger sesame oil chicken drumsticks & chicken liver.

Oh, I think this will be something I’ll be having lots of in the coming month! The classic Chinese confinement dish — ginger and sesame oil chicken — with chicken livers, cos our family luurves creamy chicken liver!

Some of you might be going “Eeeks!”. Liver is something either you love or hate. But it always amuses me that the same folks who quiver at the sight of pork/chicken liver would “ooh and aah” over foie gras, which is essentially very fatty goose liver!

Steamed pomfret.

Steamed fish — a convenient and healthy way of cooking fish that retains its sweet, original flavor.

Potato, minced pork & onion in ketchup sauce.

Here’s a kid-friendly dish — potato, minced pork and onion in ketchup sauce. It’s nice with rice!

Spinach with wolfberries & crispy silver bait fish.

Fried some silver bait fish as a topping for this stewed spinach dish. The salty, crunchy fish and sweet wolfberries really made this vegetable dish so much more exciting!

Lotus root, peanut and chicken feet soup.

The classic lotus root and peanut soup is one of our favorite soups. This version was boiled with chicken and chicken feet.

Minced pork, potato, carrot & onion soup.

This is another of hubby’s fav soups. The onion makes this soup so sweet and flavorful!

Fishball & tomato soup.

Another soup that’s quick to prepare, using fresh fish balls and the fishball stock that’s in the package. Tomatoes add sweetness and tang to the soup. Sprinkle some chopped spring onion and coriander just before serving for extra fragrance.

Home-made roasted char siew!

Oh, I also experimented making my own char siew. It was a success! And it wasn’t that difficult!

Homemade char siew noodles.

But I’m still experimenting with different cuts of pork and cooking time to get the most ideal result. Will share the recipe after that!



  1. says

    Wow! So many yummy dishes. I love homecook food especially those that brings back my childhood memories. Your Potato and Minced Pork, Steamed pomfret, Ginger sesame oil chicken drumsticks & chicken liver and etc makes me so hungry after looking at the photos!

  2. Angelyn Chan says

    Dear Julia

    Just love your home cooked food. It’s so comforting. Hope you have the time to post the recipes just like your tofu with mushrooms. Thanks for sharing. It has become our family favourite since. And looking forward to your arrival of your baby 2. Congrats!

    Angelyn Chan