Confinement food caterer trial meals: Natal Essentials & New Baby

The Chinese believe that it’s essential for a new mom to have proper nutrition during the one-month postnatal confinement period so that she can regain her strength and build her health. But unlike my first delivery, we won’t be having a confinement lady or nanny after Baby 2 arrives. That’s why we’re considering the next best alternative — confinement food catering delivery.

Snooped around some parenthood forums and narrowed down our choices to 2 most established confinement food caterers in Singapore: Natal Essentials and New Baby. They both offer trial meals, so I thought I’d try them out before making a decision.

Natal Essentials – lunch trial meal

This is the trial meal (S$30) from Natal Essentials. The lunch menu for that day was:

  1. Chicken with spring onion & ginger 姜葱鸡肉 (the default dish is pig kidney with lean meat, but I don’t take kidney)
  2. Steamed threadfin with bean sauce 豆酱蒸午鱼
  3. Double boiled “Bei Qi Dang Shen” black chicken soup 北芪党参黑鸡汤

Also included is rice and longan red date tea.

Steamed threadfin with bean sauce

They used threadfin or ikan kurau which is a more expensive kind of fish. The bean sauce was quite tasty and went well with rice.

The spring onion chicken was very generous in portion, but the meat was rather dry. Also the sauce was quite oily.

Black chicken soup

However, the black chicken soup was excellent — flavorful and robust with herbs without being overwhelmingly so. Tastes like how my mom-in-law lovingly brews her long-simmered soups aka 老火汤.

On a separate day, I tried out New Baby’s trial meal (S$15, special offer price).

New Baby – lunch trial meal

The lunch menu for that day was:

  1. Braised fish with red date 红枣烩鱼片
  2. Mushroom, dou miao (pea shoot) with sliced ginger 姜丝豆苗炒香菇
  3. Black bean & red date pork rib soup 红枣排骨黑豆汤

Like Natal Essentials, the meal also includes rice and longan red date tea.

Stir-fried dou miao and steamed fish

The dishes were more neatly presented and looked more appetizing compared to Natal Essentials. Both dishes were very tasty, and had a stronger presence of ginger (I like!) compared to Natal Essentials’ dishes.

Black bean pork rib soup

However, the soup wasn’t as robust as Natal Essentials.

It’s difficult to do a fair comparison of both vendors based on different dishes and on just one meal. Based on the trial meals, each has its own strengths and weakness. Price-wise, they are the same.

For now, I can’t decide which vendor to go with. Hmm, will consider my preferences and book the caterer closer to my due date. If any of you has any experience or feedback with either of these two caterers, do let me know! 🙂



  1. Pauline says


    Thanks for your review.

    I used Natal Essentials for my last 2 confinements but for my third they refused to give me the early bird discount even though I was only 4 days late in sending in my order form. (need 1 month advance notice)

    As such, I will be giving New Baby a try this round.