Eating at home – September 2012

Every week, I rack my brains for ideas on what to cook for our daily weekday dinners. Seriously, it’s not easy planning dinner menus that are balanced, varied, interesting, and keep to a certain budget — week after week! I’ve discovered that convenience sauces can help to instantly jazz up a dish without much effort…. 

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Mid-Autumn Festival 2012: Mooncakes from Crystal Jade

Just five days to go before Mid-Autumn Festival! Have you all prepared your mooncakes for this Sunday’s (September 30) celebration? Received quite a few samples of mooncakes this year, and Crystal Jade’s selection is one of the more unique offerings. Particularly memorable are the yogurt pudding mooncakes, newly launched this year.

High tea buffet @ 10 Scotts, Grand Hyatt Hotel

The BIG day is coming. Free time will be practically a non-existent luxury once Baby 2 arrives. The foodie BFF generously treated us to a leisurely weekday afternoon tea at the former Scotts Lounge, now renamed as 10 Scotts. This is my first time here after refurbishment, and I must say I really like its… 

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Confinement food caterer trial meals: Natal Essentials & New Baby

The Chinese believe that it’s essential for a new mom to have proper nutrition during the one-month postnatal confinement period so that she can regain her strength and build her health. But unlike my first delivery, we won’t be having a confinement lady or nanny after Baby 2 arrives. That’s why we’re considering the next… 

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Afternoon tea @ The Bar & Alfresco, Four Seasons Hotel

There’s nothing more leisurely than spending a few hours on a weekday afternoon, nibbling on dainty bites and sipping exquisite teas in a luxurious hotel lounge. Weekday teas served at hotels are generally divided into two kinds: high tea buffet or 3-tier afternoon tea. If what you want is the traditional English experience, the 3-tier… 

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Mooncakes selection 2012 from Mandarin Court, Mandarin Orchard

Next to Chinese New Year, the other most important festival in the lunar calendar has got to be Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节. This year, Mid-Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival falls on Sunday, 30 September 2012 (15th day of 8th lunar month). The reason why I’m always excited about Mid-Autumn Festival is the array of wonderful mooncakes… 

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