Happy Birthday, Matilda! You are one year old!

Matilda turned one year old two days ago. How times flies! It seemed not long ago that she was just a little bundle. Now she’s starting to babble a lot and crawling around real fast. She’s also beginning to learn how to walk (with support).

No big birthday bash for Matilda. We just had a simple celebration at her grandparents’ home.

Baby Looney Tunes - Go Baby Bugs! (1kg) from Bengawan Solo

Originally, I wanted to order a number cake. But after checking around, most bakeries impose a minimum of 2kg for number or 3D cakes (can feed about 20 people), which is way too big for us. The smallest size for custom kiddy or cartoon cakes is 1kg.

So we finally settled on this design from Bengawan Solo. This Baby Bugs Bunny design is rather appropriate for Matilda as she’s born in the Year of the Rabbit!

Chocolate Crunchy Cake

The 1kg cake cost S$50.00 cos we opted for Premium Cake Flavor (plain fresh cream or butter cream cakes cost $45 per kg). There are 9 flavors to choose from, and we picked Chocolate Crunchy — chocolate sponge with fresh chocolate cream and tiny chocolate balls mixed into the cream.

The cake got the thumbs up for both its adorable appearance and delicious taste! It was made up of moist chocolate sponge cake with a pleasantly subtle bittersweet aftertaste, sandwiched with chocolate fresh cream. We especially liked the tiny balls of crunchy chocolate in the cream.

Chinese mee sua with egg, chicken drumstick

I also tried to incorporate a touch of tradition for Matilda’s first birthday. It’s a Chinese custom to eat noodles and egg on our birthday — noodles symbolize longevity and egg represents life and fullness.

And apparently, for one’s first birthday — which is considered an important milestone — one also has to have a chicken leg. Not too sure what this means. Maybe it’s to symbolize that the birthday child will have abundant good food for the rest of their life?

Colorful sweets for everyone!

And of course, all birthdays should be happy occasions full of sweetness!

Items for the birthday grab

Another important Chinese ritual during the first birthday is the birthday grab. An assortment of items are laid out, and the first item that the birthday child grabs is an indication of their future interest or career.

For example, book = academic, ruler = engineering, pen = literary arts, money = wealth, abacus = an aptitude for numbers or a career in finance.

Not many families practise this tradition now, but we thought it’d be fun to do so!

And she grabs the pen!

And the first item Matilda grabbed was the pen! Hmm, future writer or blogger?

The second item she picked was the abacus, followed by the dollar note!

Opening Daddy's pressie

And here’s Matilda opening her first birthday present from her Daddy!


Being a Lego fanboy, it’s no surprise that her Daddy got her a Lego set. Hope she will treasure and enjoy her first Lego set for years to come.

Happy 1st birthday, our darling Matilda!



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    Congrats! Looks like a really happy first birthday! What an interesting game to play – the birthday grab. I think she takes after you, definitely going to be a writer too…and if there had been a char siew bao among the grab items, I think that would have been first thing she would have taken!