Cook For Family

In Singapore, many of us lead hectic lifestyles and work long hours. Even students aren’t spared — having to spend dawn till dusk at school is quite the norm. Little wonder that cooking and eating together with family at home is a much-cherished rarity these days.

During my formative years, I was very fortunate to have a stay-at-home mom who’s also an excellent cook. She’s the one who inspires me to feed my family nutritious and tasty homecooked meals.

Cooking and eating together is also a great way to bond with family. That’s why I’m most happy to join in fellow blogger Daniel Ang’s #CookForFamily initiative.

Here’s my contribution to #CookForFamily. This 3 dishes + 1 soup + rice dinner is a typical Chinese Singaporean meal.

It seems like quite an effort to prepare so many dishes. But out of these 3 dishes, two are steamed, which is a convenient and healthy method of cooking. Cuts down on cleaning up too!

Steamed chicken with mushroom and Chinese sausage

Skinless chicken legs, chopped and marinated with oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar and sesame oil. Other condiments include sliced Shitake mushroom, Chinese sausages (lup cheong), and wolfberries aka goji berries.

Hong Kong-style steamed red garoupa

Red garoupa is a sweet and delicate flesh fish, so the only way to do it justice is steaming. Besides the sweet-salty soy sauce gravy, using lots of ginger and spring onion greatly enhances the flavor and fragrance of this dish.

Chinese cabbage and carrot

We always try to include at least one veggie dish in our meals. This is a simple stir-fry of Chinese cabbage and carrot.

Tomato egg drop soup

Necessity is the mother of invention. In this case, I wanted to use up bits and pieces of ingredients in the fridge — ripe tomatoes, fishcake, and canned mushroom. So I added in an egg and made tomato egg drop soup!

Hope this post also inspires you to #CookForFamily! 😀