Grin Affair

Cakes in jars

One of the most exciting new openings this year has got to be Grin Affair. They’ve been highly publicised in the media for their quirky and novel concept of cakes in jars.

There are about 12 flavors on the menu. Basically, each flavor is a creation of layered cake and mousse.

My companion and I arrived at the shop before 3pm, but most of the flavors were already sold out for the day — they only make one batch a day — way before the closing time of 8pm.

We managed to get these 3 to try out — matcha and azuki bean, honey lavender and blueberry, and durian.

Matcha & Azuki, S$5.50

Of these 3, we were least impressed by matcha & azuki, which had a strangely powdery taste. The walnuts could have been more fresh; they tasted a bit off.

Honey Lavender & Blueberry, S$4.80

The honey lavender had a very airy mousse. It was delicately sweet and fragrant, although we could hardly detect the presence of lavender. Paired with fresh blueberries and moist vanilla cake, it was a pleasant creation overall.

Our favorite was definitely the durian (S$5.50). An ensemble of rich durian mousse, baked crust, and vanilla cake, what made this a winner was that they didn’t stinge on the amount of fresh durian. No artificial flavoring here. The icing on the cake was a dollop of fresh durian pulp. A must-try for durian lovers!

Please return the jars

Although there are about 3 or 4 bar stools for customers to eat-in, this tiny shop operates more like a take-away joint. Also, if you’re planning to buy in bulk, bring along your own carrier bags because this environmentally-friendly shop doesn’t provide plastic bags. They only tie the jars with strings for takeaway purchases.

Grin Affair
3 Everton Park #01-77
Singapore 080003
Tel: +65 8282 7375

Mon to Sat: 12pm to 8pm (earlier if sold out)