The Plain

In the last year and a half or so, there’s been a sudden explosion in the opening of indie cafes. With artisan roasted beans, hip baristas, and chic ambience, these independent coffee joints quickly acquired a cool factor and endeared themselves to the young and trendy crowd.

I’ve been slow to check out these cafes. Firstly because I’m not a big coffee drinker. Secondly because when this trend started, I was preggers and had to stay away from caffeine. After baby came, I was too busy adjusting to life as a new mother. I barely had time to sleep, much less find time to chill at cafes!

Drink more coffee!

Much has been blogged about this cool joint at Duxton Plain. And it’s only recently that I’ve discovered its charm.

Spent a couple of afternoons here, and what impressed me most was the warm and inviting vibe oozing from everywhere in this cosy cafe. The young crew here are extremely friendly and immediately make you feel at home.

I was also impressed by the beverages.

Flat White

This was my companion’s flat white. I didn’t try it but she seem pleased enough with it. Love the rosetta latte art!

Iced Coffee

I’m no veteran coffee connoisseur, but the iced coffee was very good by my standards. The brew was strong, but was smooth and not overly bitter.

On another occasion, I had the iced chocolate. Rich and velvety, it was lip-smackingly luscious.

Smoked Chicken Sandwich

The only food item I’ve tried is this smoked chicken sandwich. This seemingly simple sandwich turned out to be surprisingly delicious!

A good thing about the sandwiches here is you have a choice of small or large portion. The one I had was the small portion, but it was already pretty substantial.

The dessert trolley

Besides their much-raved about breakfast sets, there’s also a variety of sweet pastries to choose from. The selection varies from day to day.

On this occasion, the dessert trolley featured scones, muffins, blueberry friands, Earl Grey lavender loaf cake, and lamingtons.

I’ve heard that weekends are full house, and it could get rather noisy because of the hard surfaces and furniture. Both times I was here, it wasn’t too crowded as they were on weekday afternoons.

The Plain
50 Craig Road, #01-01
Singapore 089688
Tel: +65 6225 4387

Open daily: 7.30am to 7.30pm