Rice dumplings and Cool Dessert dumplings from Crystal Jade’s Dumpling Festival 2012

Savoury rice dumplings from Crystal Jade

Savoury rice dumplings from Crystal Jade

Dragon Boat Festival 2012 or 端午节 falls on Saturday, June 23 this year. It’s only about a week away! For those of us who don’t have the good fortune to enjoy homemade rice dumplings, we’re still in luck cos there’s plenty of delectable choices available for purchase.

I was given some dumplings from Crystal Jade’s 2012 dumpling selection to sample. From the savoury selection, the new Red Brown Rice Dumpling will please both traditionalists and the health-conscious alike.

Red Brown Rice Dumpling 红糙米八宝肉粽, S$5.20

The dumpling is generously packed with chestnut, lotus seeds, peanuts, black eyed peas, pork and salted egg yolk. Instead of just glutinous rice, nutritious red brown rice is mixed in together. The result is a fragrant, nutty, and hearty savoury rice dumpling.

Rice Dumpling with Pork, S$5.20

Another savoury dumpling I tried was the classic Canton-style Rice Dumpling with Pork. It’s also generously packed with ingredients — pork belly, dried shrimp, salted egg yolk, green bean, chestnut, and black-eyed peas. In fact, there’s more filling than rice.

Compared to the Red Brown Rice dumpling, this one has a stronger peppery and five-spice flavor.

Alkaline red bean paste dumpling, S$4.00

For the alkaline dumpling, the rice grains are quite soft and the red bean filling not too sweet.

Dessert Dumplings, S$2.70 for 3 pieces or S$5.00 for 6 pieces

There’s also the innovative range of petite dessert dumplings, which are actually chilled puddings in the shape of dumplings. There are three flavors available:

  • Sweet corn
  • Black glutinous rice & sago
  • Cream cheese & peach

Hubby’s favorite is the cream cheese and peach, which has a lovely creamy texture like silken tofu mixed with sweet diced peach.

Mine’s the refreshing sweet corn, which has crunchy and juicy corn kernels in an evaporated milk-based pudding.

Perhaps we both have sweet tooth, cos we felt the black glutinous rice dumpling isn’t sweet enough and a bit weak in flavor.

But with 3 different flavors, there’s something to suit everyone’s palates!

Many thanks to Crystal Jade Singapore for the dumpling samples.