Happy 2012!

Yo, what's up?

Dear Aunties & Uncles, jie jie & kor kor – Happy New Year!

Mommy says I’m 5 months old today! She said I should update you on what I’ve been up to. Now, I’ve discovered how to flip onto my tummy, but I still don’t know how to flip back.

Mommy also says – with a tone of disgust – that I put everything I can grab into my mouth. What’s wrong with that??

In another month’s time, I can start to eat solids. Yay! When Mommy and Daddy eat, I can only look on and drool. Their food smells so yummy! Can’t wait for my teeth to pop out so I can start eating proper FOOD!

That’s all for now. See ya around! 😀



  1. says

    Congrats! Julie! what a lovely baby!! a baby brings so much joy to a family!! wishing you and yours happiness and good health for 2012!

  2. Betty says

    What a lovely picture of her. I taught my children when they were babies how to read and speak at early age. At 3 months saying mama. Sesame Street shows are great for baby to learn how to read numbers and letters and colors. Now everywhere is doing early childhood education children could read and write before they are 3 years old.
    It work on my children and so does Sesame Street shows.