Winter Weekend Afternoon Tea Buffet @ Chihuly Lounge, Ritz Carlton Singapore

The elegant Chihuly Lounge @ Ritz Carlton Hotel, Singapore

A week before Christmas, hubby and I were invited to the Winter Weekend Afternoon Tea Buffet at Ritz Carlton Hotel. I’ve tried the weekday day afternoon high tea at Chihuly Lounge, but not the weekend version. Instead of traditional 3-tier afternoon tea, the weekend high tea at Chihuly Lounge is buffet-style. Also, they update the… 

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Ramen Keisuke Tori King

Ramen Special

Regarded as too sophisticated and too avant garde, Keisuke Takeda’s first ramen venture in Singapore — a sleek, upmarket eatery specializing in prawn-broth ramen — failed to take off. Undaunted, he opened a second outfit. This time, it was scaled down to a rustic, hole-in-the-wall diner that seats no more than 16. The tight menu… 

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English afternoon high tea buffet @ L’Espresso, Goodwood Park Hotel


The short story: Hearty English high tea buffet. Excellent sandwiches, scones, and Guinness beef stew. The long story: This post is way overdue, about 4 months backdated, to be exact. This was in August 2012, when I was in my last trimester, about a month before baby Meredith popped out! Gee. But I have such… 

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Osaka Ohsho


The short story: Gyoza and fried rice — very addictive, must-try! Mabo tofu & double-cooked pork — can skip. The long story: Was running errands with the hubby in City Hall area when we needed to grab lunch. At Raffles City basement, there are couple of new openings. There was a long queue at Nam… 

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Hubby’s breakfast #067: Fruit pastry cake

Fruit pastry cake

Haven’t been doing any baking since Baby Meredith arrived 2 months ago. Fingers itching to bake some cakes, so I browsed my favorite baking blogs for inspiration. Came across Happy Homebaker’s Fruit Pastry Cake recipe. This was a very popular recipe in the baking blogosphere a couple of years back, but I’ve yet to try… 

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