Santa’s Cottage from PrimaDéli

Thanks to the generous folks at PrimaDéli, my family and I enjoyed this gorgeous cake for our Christmas celebration!

Santa's Cottage (S$55.00, approx. 1.4kg)

This 3D Santa’s Cottage cake is truly spectacular, and looks even more stunning than in photos. When I brought out the cake, everyone was going, “Wah……so beautiful!”

Hello, Santa!

The details are so life-like, especially the two cottages and the snow. Love the colorful little ornaments too!

Edible roof!

The “roof” is made of sponge fingers, so it’s totally edible!

The backyard!

This is the back view of the cake.

Chocolatey chocolate cake!

It’s such a beautiful cake I couldn’t bear to cut it up! But eventually, I did. 😛

The two “cottages” as well as the “tree trunk” base are chocolate sponge cakes laced with dark truffle cream. The cake is moist and fluffy, while the truffle cream is very rich and bittersweet. There was a little too much cream for our liking, but we loved the intense chocolatey taste of the entire cake.

It’s definitely a very decadent creation, and a feast for both the eyes and palate!

This is a substantially large cake, sufficient to feed around 12 to 16 pax. For other PrimaDéli festive goodies, click here to download the PDF flyer.

Have a very Merry Christmas! 😀

Many thanks to Prima Food Pte Ltd and Foreword Communications.